Q: What is the slow down and move over law?
      A: Thanks to the many towing associations the slow down and move over law is becoming common place across the country. This law states that motorist approaching an emergency vehicle (police, fire,ambulance,tow truck, etc) in the roadway or on the side of the roadway must slow down and move over into the next lane if at all possible. Failure to do so will result in being fined. Like many laws it simply enforces common sense.  
Q: How do I choose a towing company?
      A: There is a very big difference between someone who owns a tow truck, and someone who owns a towing company. Local hackers can get away with running inadequate equipment,no insurance, and no DOT regulations. A true towing company has federal DOT standards that must be met, this includes, equipment, insurance, and filling standards. Motor clubs also have insurance requirements. Many police departments now require a companies insurance to meets or exceeds federal requirements, and the company to show proof of certification. 
Q: What hours can I call for service? 
      A: Most towing companies and motor clubs provide 24hr emergency service. Emergency is the key word, a tow from your home to the garage is Not an emergency and should be conducted during normal business hours.
Q: What should I do when I am broken down on the side of the road?
      A: a disabled car on the side of the road is a target. Establish personal safety first and then call for roadside assistance.
Q: I am broken down, do I need to stay with my car and wait for the tow truck?
      A: No, make arrangements with the towing company, keys can be hidden its pretty hard for someone to steal your car when its broken down on the side of the road,.or some will recommend locking your keys in your car as tow drivers unlock cars everyday, and most of the time payments can be made over the phone.
Q: I slid off the road do I need to call the police?
        A: if there is any damage to the vehicle or property it may be required to be reported. Rule of thumb is any damage over $1000 needs to be reported. Leaving the scene of an accident is an offense. If you need to wait for the police try to call family/friend so you can safetly wait in another vehicle. 
Q: I crashed my car now what?
      A: Call the police.  typically in the event of an accident the police will call the tow truck, the towing company will retrieve the vehicle from the accident scene and bring it to there place of business.
– if the vehicle is uninsured or only has liability coverage  the vehicle owner will make direct arrangements with the towing company to settle the bill and determine the future of the vehicle.
– If the vehicle is insured the vehicle owner will notify there insurance company about the incident and the insurance company will deal with the towing company directly. This may include, scheduling an insurance adjuster to determine the state of the vehicle, transporting to a repair facility, or auction. The insurance company covers all expenses. At no point should the customer reach into there own pocket. (They already did when they paid there insurance premium.)
– Keep in mind if your accident involves another vehicle the police will determine who was at fault at the accident scene. If you are not at fault,  the other drivers insurance company is liable for the damage and expenses toward your vehicle. This also includes any services performed at the accident scene by the towing company.
Q: Where should my crashed car go?
        A: The tow yard. the towing company will deal with the insurance company directly . The insurance company will send an adjuster out to determine if your vehicle will be repaired or totaled. Upon agreement  with you the owner, the adjuster will arrange payments/repair and transportation of the vehicle. 
With the exception of retrieving personal belongings from the vehicle (at the tow yard) The customer needs to do/pay for Nothing! 
We find when people choose to bring the vehicle to there home or directly to a body shop they run into conflict getting reimbursed for the towing charges (tow bills must be paid at the time of delivery by the customer or the shop, If the vehicle does not go to the tow yard) This process can take months. 
Most insurance company’s have preferred body shops that they have established business with and have processes in place to expedite your repair, or the owner can choose the body shop of there choice and all transportation fee’s will be paid by the insurance company before the vehicle leaves the tow yard  (this ensures the body shop is not stuck seeking re-reimbursement)
Liberty Mutual Insurance Co has a commercial on TV and the person gets in an accident and then finds out they dont have “Towing Coverage”  This could hold true in the event a customer brings the vehicle to a location of choice and pays the tow bill themselves. This opens a potential loop hole because the towing bill has already been settled and is no longer attached to the collision.. In short the stubborn customer who thought they knew better then the towing company Lost.
While an accident is rare occasion for most people in the towing, insurance, and repair fields it is our jobs. A customer who attempts to micro-managed will slow down the entire process and may end up costing themselves money.
Q: I Just got in an accident should I call my motor club?
      A: No, motor clubs do not cover many of the aspects of an accident. For a multitude of reasons many companies will not respond to a motor club accident. this causes delays, confusion, and frustration for all involved. Have the police to call the tow truck.
Q: My car needs to be towed because of illegal operation, can I use my motor club?
      A: No, your motor club does not cover towing for any illegal circumstances or arrest.
Q: I need basic non emergency service using my motor club, can I call you directly?
      A: No, all motor club calls must be authorized and dispatched by the club. You can request a towing company.
Q: Does my Insurance cover the Non Accident services I need?
      A: You may have roadside assistance (non emergency towing) built into your policy, some insurance companies contract directly with existing motor clubs, and some have coverage that will allow you to submit a prepaid invoice for reimbursement. 
Q: Does my insurance cover accident towing?
      A: If you have full coverage/collision coverage your insurance company will cover all expenses involved with the towing of your vehicle in the event of an accident.
Q: I have been in an accident, I have no insurance, or only liability am I covered?
      A: if the officer on scene has deemed you not at fault, the other party’s insurance company will cover all of your accident related expenses including towing. If the other party doesn’t have insurance or you are found at fault then your expenses will not be covered and will come out of pocket.
Q: Should I let a good Samaritan pull my car out if it is stuck?
      A: No. Unless the good Samaritan owns a towing company they most likely do not have the proper grade chain/strap,  the industry specific hooks, nor the knowledge to know where to put the hook. Also real towing equipment apply’s a slow steady controlled pull, and has the ability to change angle.
How much did the good Samaritan save you if your car gets damaged, or the chain breaks and flys back toward your car?
If a towing company could do there job with a pickup truck and a consumer grade chain why would we spend thousands on recovery training and $100k on a tow truck.
Thank them for there offer and be happy to pay the small fee to have your vehicle safely and properly recovered.
Q: The guy down the street has a car dolly/trailer, should I let him tow my car?
      A: No, In the industry we call these guys “joe tow” guys with primitive equipment usually pulled behind a primitive vehicle, with a non commercial, general liability insurance policy at best. Like any business there are professionals and nonprofessionals, if you call “joe” to save money on a “tow” and your car wasn’t damaged… then you just got lucky! This time…
Q: Is Mikes Towing affiliated with the better business bureau? 
      A: No, what Most people do not know is the BBB knows little to nothing about the businesses it supposedly represents. In fact the only way they know if a company is doing “good” business is because there are no lawsuits against the business..The truth is,  businesses have to Pay the BBB to be listed as a ” better business”. It has nothing to do with good business, and has nothing to do with earning accreditation. If you pay there fee’s you are a “better business” and they send you a sticker, and a link to download there logo..
Here at Mikes Towing we don’t need to pay an organization to tell the consumer we do good business, we are happy to prove it to the consumer.