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43 Birch Dr. Bennington NH 03442

     PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING DISCLAIMER.             This address is  PRIVATE PROPERTY.                                   To avoid prosecution for trespassing                            YOU MUST CALL BEFORE COMING..

Property is under 24hr digital VIDEO SURVEILLANCE  Some of which feeds directly to the police department. 

Even if your vehicle is on the property does not make it legal to come onto the property, It is trespassing and                                 You Will Be Arrested !


Directions:                                                                         Birch Drive is a non town maintained PRIVATE ROAD.

Birch Drive  is off of Birch Glen Drive .There are 2 ends of Birch Drive and they do not connect in the middle.          There is no access directly off of rt 47  to our end of Birch Drive  irrelevant to what GPS may say.