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Bennington NH
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Mikes Is Currently Seeking a Part Time Non CDL Tow Truck Driver.  updated 11/25/16

No Experience necessary however mechanical / towing experience is a plus.

- Must be 25+ years old.
- Must be able to drive a standard transmission and be comfortable using mirrors.
- Must live in Bennington, Francestown, Greenfield, Hancock, Antrim.
- Must have a place to park a 35ft long commercial vehicle at home.
- Must have a clean criminal and driving record (they will be checked).
- Must be able to pass a DOT physical (standard physical exam with drug testing to get dot medical card).
- Must have the ability and desire to safely operate a vehicle in all driving conditions (weather, traffic, etc).
- Must have basic reading, writing, and math skills. Common sense and the willingness to learn.
- No Drugs, No Drunks, No Drama, No Excuses, No Slackers, No Hackers, No Heroes.
Driver will have paid trained (irrelevant to experience) and be operating a flatbeds.
Driver will be required to help maintain the truck (keep it clean and maybe some light maintnance/repair depending on the applicant)
This position would be considered part time and schedule can be adjusted to meet everyone's needs. Days, nights, weekends, or a combination.
Depending on the time of year most hourly/shop time can be scheduled.
The Towing portion of the job is an "on call" position. where you would respond from your home in the tow truck to the call (not sitting at the shop waiting for calls)
This position Is NOT good for anyone who needs/wants a routine job, with a set amount of pay!
 Towing comes at all different times on all different days. There is no rhyme or reason, therefore your availability is the biggest factor in your pay check.
With the exception of storms and busy snaps those of us who work 24/7 spend less then 40hrs a week with a steering wheel in our hands.
So You as a part time driver will be far from over worked.
Pay - Weekly, Cash.
Shop work is paid hourly and will fluctuate greatly on the time of year, needed repairs/maintenance or shop projects.
Hourly/ Shop Pay will start at $10 per hr.
Towing work will be paid commission of each call. 
call values fluctuate greatly, and your commission amount will fluctuate by up to $100 per call.
some calls will take an hour and the driver will only make $11.
Other calls will take 20 minutes and the driver will make $100.
And anywhere in between.
Anyone interested in becoming part of the team Please Email
Please include:  name, phone number, town you live in, your availability, and any experience or comments that you feel might be of interest to us. 

We will be in touch within a couple days.  

Thank you 

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